"It is often found riding wind currents. Its wings let it fly effectively through the air."
Air, also known as Gusty, are Wind element Seirei recruited by paying them Rasimov Gold Coins. The last Seirei must be recruited in a special way. Air can be selected as the starter Hero/Heroine element for a skilled/hard difficulty. Candy Mintblue also uses the wind seirei. Its special power raises speed.

They appear as light-blue feathers in-game.

Recruit Points Edit

Seirei No. Location Requirement
1 Sparrow next to the jar, north of Toruna Village Make all 12 sparrows in the Sparrow field say "chun"
2 Gearava Village 1 Rashimofu silver coin
3 Kumuyamuto Desert 2 2 Rashimofu silver coins
4 Earth of Darkness 4 5 Rashimofu silver coins
5 Swamp of Despair 2 10 Rashimofu silver coins
6 Aquabit Castle 3 20 Rashimofu silver coins
7 Pyramid 10 40 Rashimofu silver coins

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