Official art of the robotic Sentry units.

Ancient Robots are artificial beings made sentient by the Espresso Civilization for labor uses. The Ancient Robots are powered by Gummies and require them to live; their greed ultimately leading them to use their creators themselves to fulfill energy needs. They reside on Erd in close quarters with the Spiny Moles.


Ancient Robots are a species created by the Espresso thousands of years prior to the events of Magical Vacation or Magical Starsign. They were originally powered by gummies created by the Espresso, though after supply ran low, the Robots used Gummification on the Espresso themselves turning them into an energy source per their survival. After the fall of their master the Espresso, the Ancient Robots claimed Erd for themselves.

Notable CharactersEdit

Mokka, a party member found throughout the Magical Series, is an Ancient Robot.

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