Gfs 75573 2 151
Spiny nuts being hit by a back-row arclight.
Alignment Light
MP Consumed 7
Status Effect 5% Blind
Stat Effect
Back Row Fixed
Flavour Text Dazzle your enemies with celestial light.

Arclight is the level 1 light-aligned spell.

Appearance Edit

Front Row Edit

Two orbs of light spin around each other and strike their intended target.

Back Row Edit

The two light orbs go to the top screen they explode,which blinds the area. A large orb of light is formed and descends below to strike its targets.

Known By: Edit

# User Alignment
-- Hero/Heroine Light
146 Zap Hound Light

Etymology Edit

"Arclight" is derived from an arc, a luminous electrical discharge between two electrodes or other points.

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