Assam is a Location on Gren. To get into the area for the first time, you must get past a giant gorilla that guards the back entrance.


Front Row: Pirate Otter Pirate Otter Pirate Otter

Back Row: Pirate Otter Pirate Otter
Front Row: Pirate Otter Pirate Otter Pirate Otter Pirate Otter


Front Row: Peacock Fish



Quick MartyEdit

Item Price
Green Frog 20 Bira
Blue Frog 250 Bira
Dethorn Tail 30 Bira
Wakey Tail 3500 Bira
Slippy Oil 120 Bira
Raisin Jam 200 Bira
Fencing Mask 3100 Bira
Gorgon Brace 3200 Bira
Lizard Mail 3500 Bira
Sprint Shoes 2000 Bira
Mouse Charm 3000 Bira

Bull the BrokerEdit

Item Price
Sugarstar 1200 Bira
Wreath 32000 Bira
Dragon Mask 88000 Bira
Gale Fist 42000 Bira
Blaze Robe 92000 Bira
Flower Boots 66000 Bira

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