Official Art of Biek Fowler

Biek Fowler

Biek Fowler attacking
Biek Fowler using rising palm.
Bestiary # 218
Alignment Dark
Level 48
Habitat Starway
Drops Hill Boots
Bestiary Entry Chief fighting instructor for the Space Police and a (mostly) unparalleled martial artist, Biek Fowler's slightly sleazy style has bested many a lawbreaker.
Bira Rewarded 30000

Biek Fowler ( Japanese: Bie Maruku, German: Nick) is the highest ranking member of the Space Police. He is a master of martial arts, and is extremely powerful. He is near equal to Miss Madeleine in strength, and was capable of taking down an entire armoured corps of dwarven soldiers.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Biek Fowler is first seen during a flashback in the Couscous Ruins. The Player meets him for the first time in Paella, where he attacks Detective Begniet for getting in his way, and then attempts to attack the player just as Brie warps the player away. Fowler then raided Condimen Tower and stole the Etherealization device from the Dwarves. He battles the Player just outside the Starway. When the Player is using the Starway, Fowler walks in and activates some explosives the disk on his back. Durum grabs the explosives and runs out with them as the Player is warped to Shadra.


Fowler is a mainly physical attacker; his IQ stat is low, so Dazzle Darts won't inflict significant damage; however, Lotus Barrage is easily capable of hitting the damage cap on even the most defensive of characters.


Spells Skills
Shadow Die Rising Palm
Dazzle Darts Lotus Barrage

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Biek acts from experience, keeping himself of proper composure during the more tense confrontations. He is very faithful to his superiors, taking the most extreme of measures to fulfill their tasks. Alongside this he is confident in his abilities as well as straightforward to his adversaries.

Biek resembles a European white rooster by the means that he is a full white color with long, hanging feathers and a large crest. His hands and feet are similar to the talons of a hawk, his hands having three digits each, his feet having four.

He wears a dark green robe that resembles a kimono under the grey shell pack attached to his backside, this being his only known garments.

Name OriginEdit

Fowl refers to birds, namely birds used for poultry.