Blueberry Lakeside

Species Human
Gender Female
Element Water
Sign Aquarius
Age 15
Birthday January 29
Blood Type B
Height 162cm
Weight 45kg

Blueberry Lakeside is a water element mage in Magical Vacation.


Blueberry is a calm and collected girl who comes from an aristocratic family in the service of the king. She is a tremendously hard worker, and is continuously at the top of her class as a result, but her frail body prevents her from strenuous activities. She is best friends with Lemon Airsupply, who saved her from bullies during childhood. She seems unsure how to react to Cassis Lumberyard's affection.

Moveset Edit

Name MP Effect
Call Flow 1 1 Water Seirei is called
Blue Cascade 4 Power 3 damage + defense down to a 2x1 area
Acid Rain 25 Power 3 damage + defense down to all enemies
Clear Tesla 1 All Thunder Seirei are cleared
Aqua Grass 50 Power 5 damage + defense down to a 3x1 area
Double Flow 50 2 Water Seirei are called
Soda Frappe 80 Power 5 damage + big defense down to all enemies

Base Stats Edit

  • Level: 7
  • HP: 29
  • MP: 56
  • Power: 8
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 9
  • Spirit: 17

Trivia Edit

  • She understands the language of the water people
  • Her favorite food is ocean pears
  • According to a theory, the Water Millenium Gummy of Magical Starsign can be her soul, due to her affiliation with Water People, and the fact that she is said to be referred at some points of the story without being seen by the player.