Official art of chard.


Chard 1
Chard in the Great Dragon Road.
Bestiary # 190
HP 3200
Alignment Dark
Level 8
Habitat Great Dragon Road
Drops Sage Hat
Bestiary Entry The leader of the pirate otters suffers from a superiority complex, which isn't helped by his mastery of dark magic. He fought Miss Madeleine at some point...
Bira Rewarded 1000


Gfs 75573 2 189
Chard using Finger Pointer at the Nata de Coco Door.
Bestiary # 196
Alignment Dark
Level 16
Habitat Nata de Coco Door
Drops Sage Band
Bestiary Entry The leader of the pirate otters suffers from illusions of grandeur. He claims he held his punches last time. This time, he means business!
Bira Rewarded 7000


Chard dazzle darts
Chard using dazzle darts.
Bestiary # 220
Alignment Dark
Level 52
Habitat Cocoabutter Valley
Drops None
Bestiary Entry You've beaten him twice, but now the dark planet is feeding his power. Is this the last stand of a man obsessed with the dark teachings of Master Kale?
Bira Rewarded 16000

Chard is leader of the astro pirates and answers directly to Kale. He suffers from a superiority complex, constantly creating similies such as, "Your plan is as transparent as soggy rice paper! And I am the crazed sumo-wrestler crashing through the wet paper bag that is your pathetic scheme!"

Interactions with the PlayerEdit

Chard is first seen in a scene when the rocket crash lands on Cassia, talking to his pirate otters about the sighting of your ship. He is then seen again at the end of The Great Dragon Road, where he is battled. Chard is seen for the second time when the Player returns to Cassia for the Aquarino, where he battles the Player at the Nata de Coco Door. Chard is "arrested" by the Space Police, but afterwards orders the Space Police to lock up Detective Beignet, the only officer unaware of the pirate-police alliance. He is seen again on Razen with Madeline and Kale, preparing to be transported to Nova. After leaving, Chard is not seen for some time, not appearing again until the Player reaches Shadra. He is then battled for the third and final time, and dies after the fight, saying that the Player getting this far was all part of Kale's plan.


Chard is battled three times throughout the game.

First TimeEdit

Chard is battled as the boss of the Great Dragon Road. Afterwards he proclaims that he is alright, simply weakened with his earlier fight with Miss Madeline.


Spells Skills
Shadow Die Slice Kick
Celestial Swap Finger Pointer
Icicle Fall

Second TimeEdit

Chard is battled at the Nata de Coco Door, assisted by three Pirate Otters with swords. Strangely, when using Shadow Die, it only hits one party member, when he's clearly in the back row. The reason for this is unexplained.


Spells Skills
Shadow Die Finger Pointer
Celestial Swap Sky-High Kick

Third TimeEdit

Chard is fought for the final time outside of Chromagar Cave.


Spells Skills
Blood Money Finger Pointer
Dazzle Darts Kick of Darkness
Celestial Swap


Chard is very arrogant, and believes he is better than most people.


Chard wears a colorful mask with a beak on it, and what looks like a pink afro wig. Because he wears a mask at all times, his species is unknown.

Name OriginEdit

Chard comes from Swiss Chard, which is a leafy vegetable, similar to Kale.