"A spirit that flourished in ancient civilizations. Its gears appear to never rust."
Clock, also known as Early, are Ancient element seirei that can be recruited by paying a certain number of Alti Silver Coins. They are known to speak like a stereotypical elderly person. Clock can be selected as the starter Hero/Heroine element for a medium difficulty. Mokka also uses the ancient seirei (in Magical Vacation). It's special power is that it lowers enemy speed.

They appear as a brown shiny gear in-game.

Recruit Points Edit

Seirei No. Location Requirement
1 Drawing room in the Remittsu Royal Palace Guide a Dodo in front of the love hunter
2 Southwest in Benakoncha Ruins 1 Arti silver coin
3 Southeast in the Benakoncha Ruins Battle/talk to all the ancient machines and give 3 Arti silver coins
4 Shop in Basorimo Village 9 Arti silver coin
5 Entrance to Corridor of Death 14 Arti silver coin
6 Aquabit Castle 2 19 Arti silver coin
7 Pyramid 4 27 Arti silver coin

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