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The Cybersaurus and Space Warden being attacked by Cactus Crush.
Bestiary # 216
Alignment Dark
Level 46
Habitat Sugarleaf Plains West
Drops Manic Shoes
Bestiary Entry Once, this creature wandered freely, terrorizing locals as it pleased. The Space Police captured it and brought it under their control with cybernetic parts.
Bira Rewarded 0


Bestiary # 227
Alignment Fire
Level 90
Habitat Glissini Caves B15F
Drops None
Bestiary Entry This space monster once terrorized every corner of the galaxy. The Espressos caught it and sent it to anger management therapy. It now leads a quiet life.
Bira Rewarded

The Cybersaurus is a boss fought in Magical Starsign with two incarnations.

On RazenEdit

Spells Skills
Bite Off
Cry of the Soul
Desperate Dash