Detective Beignet is a member of the Space Police and has a supporter role in Magical Starsign.


Beignet is known for his integrity, and is possibly the only member of the Space Police who is not corrupt.

Interactions With ProtagonistEdit

In Cassia (the first time), he is bombarded with complaints by the otters. He is the one who finds the player knocked out near the shore and gets them to safety.

The second time the player visits Cassia, things are much more tense: the Space Police have arrived! In fact, the player is denied entry, a Space Police declaring that This town has been locked down! Go home before I slap you with a citation! He goes on to dub the player and the team to be weirdos for wanting entry (Rude!) The only reason the player is allowed in is because Detective Beignet fights for their entry, his fellow Space Police associates claiming Suit yourself. It's YOUR neck on the line. He helps the player sneak past the two Space Police patrolling Nata de Coco, a cave of some sort where the Aquarino is hidden.

In Shishkebab_Caverns (located on Razen), he's thrown into a cell for interfering with the Space Police on Cassia. When Rogan Josh sets him free he is last seen in Paella, seemingly killed by Biek Fowler.

Name OriginEdit

Beignet is a pastry similar to a doughnut.