The Elder Kettle is the leader of the potfolk in Paella, the town they reside in.

In Magical Starsign Edit

Every 200 years, there is a festival, (named Starfall Festival), that celebrates the new potlings brought to life.

A potfolk or two searches for rich clay, Terra Cotta sculpts this clay into pots, and Elder Kettle performs the sacred ceremony (a poem of some sort):

Falling star,

Falling star,

Fall to our village,

Bring us new life.

Give your children

A star of joy,

A star of hope.

Fill them with light.

As your children

Will be born here,

So they will be

Treasured here.

We will give them all

Hope and joy.

Let them not want.

Let them not worry.

Falling star,

Falling star,

Bring us new life.

Rejoice in delight.