Equillekrew, a species of enigma.

Enigma are antagonists in Magical Vacation and Magical Starsign. They are said to be the elemental beings of darkness.

In Magical VacationEdit

In Magical StarsignEdit

Enigmas play a lesser role in Magical Starsign than in Magical Vacation, appearing as henchmen to Kale than as the main antagonists. They only appear on Razen and Shadra. There are three types.


Main Article: Pooka

Two Pooka are first seen when the player lands on Razen. They are then seen with Sorbet outside of Paella and are then battled for the first Time outside of the World Seam. Numerous Pooka are seen in Capsicum Caverns and Shishkebab Caverns, though they cannot be battled. A higher-leveled version of the Pooka called the Piskipooka can be found and battled in Cocoabutter Valley.

Dab HasnelEdit

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A single Dab Hasnel attacks the player in Shishkebab Cave to attempt to stop them. Three Dab Hasnel, along with numerous Pooka, attempt to attack the Player in Capsicum Cavern, but are scared off by the monsterous fireball that resides there. Dab Hasnel can be battled along with Pooka in Cocoabutter Valley.


Main Article: Equillekrew

An Equillekrew first appears in Chocomilk Caverns in an attempt to capture the magicians; however, General Knucklestorms timely intervention prevents this from happening. Equillekrew can then be battled in the next section of Cocoabutter Valley.