Giant Larva

Giant Larva
The giant larva absorbing magic.
Bestiary # 221
Alignment Light
Level 53
Habitat Chromagar Cave
Drops None
Bestiary Entry This mysterious insect larva seems to absorb any magic around it insatiably, as though its feeding off the magical energies. Will it ever turn into a cocoon?
Bira Rewarded 0

The Giant Larva is a boss found in Chromagar Cave and the true main antagonist of the game. While players can still leave after entering its room, they cannot leave after defeating the larva. It is the immature form of Shadra.

For much of the game, the Giant Larva is referred to as a worm. It is mentioned as part of a legend that foretells the rebirth of the universe- the worm lives within the sun and once it devours it, the heath-death of the universe will occur and everything will be reborn. For this reason, it is part of Kale's plan to awaken the larva and trigger the creation of a brand-new universe with a clean slate.

In reality, the worm is actually closer to a caterpillar in terms of biology and appearance. It dwells within the bowels of its cave on the dark planet of Shadra (its final form sharing its name with the planet) within the sun, endlessly feeding on the gummies that grow within. However, the Giant Larva prefers gummies that posses the cores of those who were once magicians. The beast is also capable of absorbing pure magic as it is being cast, using the absorbed energy as fuel for its attacks.


The Giant Larva is the first boss in the final boss run. After battling it, players cannot leave Chromagar Cave and are advised to either save over a second file or not save at all. It is fought in the back of Chromagar Cave.

The larva doesn't do much at first, but once a spell is about to be used on it on an even numbered move, it will use Weapon Vortex to suck the spell into its mouth. For each spell it absorbs, long red spikes will start to grow on the larva's back.

After absorbing three spells, the Giant Larva will use Megaburn Cannon on the last spell-caster who attacked it. This will undoubtedly kill them in one hit, but after that, the larva will lose its spikes and drop its defense for several turns. This is the party's chance to recover and attack.

After enough time has passed, the larva will become active again and use Crush to inflict an average amount of damage to the entire party. Then the above process happens all over again until the giant insect is defeated.


Spells Skills
Megaburn Cannon Crush
Weapon Vortex