Official Art of Gren.

Gren is the wood planet and mostly covered by jungle and woodland areas. Native inhabitants contain Felines and Salamanders. The salamanders used to live in the gaint tree of Yggsalad, but were thrown out because of pirate otters.

At one point the entire planet of Gren was set on fire.


Gren is second closest planet to the sun, but also one of the slower moving planets. When one of the Wood Alignment is in proper alignment it will be maintain it's aura for a considerable amount of time conpared to Razen.


Name OriginEdit

Gren's name most likely comes from the colour green, as a lot of the planet seems to be this colour. It could also come from the Danish word 'Gren', meaning branch, which would relate to it's vast amount of plantlife, and the Wood Element.

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