Mv gummy frog

Official Art of a Green Gummy Frog from Magical Vacation.

Gummy Frogs are the most common type of items for recovering HP. They can be found in a large number of areas throughout both Magical Vacation and Magical Starsign.

In Magical VacationEdit

In Magical StarsignEdit

Gummy frogs are periodically encountered in the field in groups in Magical Starsign.  Often, one or two exploding gummy frogs will be mixed in, which will damage all party members when interacted with.  Mokka's Wild Magic will flip all gummy frogs on their backs, while leaving exploding gummy frogs upright.

After picking up a certain number of gummy frogs, they will stop appearing in the field (Each colour of gummy frog is tracked separately).  If the player does not pick up or buy any gummy frogs throughout the course of the game, then they can obtain a special egg character depending on their alignment.

Types of Gummy FrogsEdit

Green Gummy FrogEdit

Green gummy frogs are the most commonly seen type of gummy frogs. They can be bought at shops for 20 bira, and restore 150 HP in Magical Starsign and 30 HP in Magical Vacation.

Blue Gummy FrogEdit

Blue gummy frogs are uncommonly encountered throughout the Baklava System.  They can be bought at shops for 250 Bira, and restore 250 HP in Magical Starsign and [unknown] HP in Magical Vacation.

Red Gummy FrogEdit

Other Gummy FrogsEdit

Other types of gummy frogs can be obtained in Magical Starsign, though only through Tag Mode and Amigo Dungeons, and thus are not encountered in regular gameplay.

Gallery Edit

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