Gummy Girl

Gummy girl
The gummy girl using an attack
Bestiary # 206
Alignment Dark
Level 36
Habitat Kahve Ruins
Drops Sage String
Bestiary Entry This mysterious girl has been gummified. Nobody knows who she is, but she had a very mysterious item with her. What will happen if you stop to use it?
Bira Rewarded 10000

The Gummy Girl is an optional boss fought in the Kahve Ruins. She slowly asks the party to "help" her, then the battle begins. Interestingly enough, throughout the battle, Gummy Girl seems to be trying to resist attacking. After being defeated, the player obtains an Access Card. In her dying moments, she thanks the player for ending her life.

The Access Card stores the diary of Applepie (the Gummy Girl), and her diary can be read in Emerald Core.


Spells Skills
Glamour Shot Scream