Hearty Dog

Hearty Dog Defrost
A Hearty Dog in the back row after causing an Ice Chunk to Thaw.
Bestiary # 129
HP 140
Alignment light
Level 5
Habitat Great Dragon Road / Mandarin Beach
Drops Yellow Worm
Bestiary Entry This loyal bulldog wanders around trying to make people happy. Unfortunately, his freakish appearance usually frightens them off, as does the slobber.
Bira Rewarded 140

Hearty Dogs are enemies found on Mandarin Beach.


When a Hearty Dog uses Love Shower on an Ice Chunk, the Ice Chunk will use its only technique, Thaw, and turn into either a sniffles, mossling, or fungaroach, depending upon which type of ice chunk thawed.


Spells Skills
Love Shower Hula