Hero Heroine
Official Art from Magical Starsign.
Japanese Name N/A
Species Human
Gender Chosen at the start
Alignment Light/Dark (Player's Choice)
Age about 14 or 15

The Hero/Heroine are the main protagonists of Magical Starsign. The player chooses the gender, name and the starsign at the beginning of the game. This will have no effect on the game besides the type advantages on enemies, and the starsigns of Miss Madeleine, Kale, and the Traveling Putty they transform into in one part of the game. It also affects a minor scene on Razen.


The Hero is described as being very adventurous, while the Heroine is mysterious and a master of magic.

In Magical StarsignEdit

The Hero/Heroine is enrolled at Will-o'-Wisp Academy and is close friends with what it seems Lassi and Mokka. After Lassi goes off to find the hidden rockets, the Hero/Heroine goes off to look for her. When she blast off, the Hero/Heroine decides to take off after her.

They crash land on Erd, and the Hero/Heroine revives Lassi with some Kovo Water.



Spells Skills
Arclight (level 1) Kick
Crystal Laser (level 9) Guard
Healing Light (level 21) Flee
Prism Barrier (level 42)
Nova Sword (level 52)


Spells Skills
Shadow Die (level 1) Kick
Jackpot (level 8) Guard
Blood Money (level 21) Flee
Dazzle Darts (level 42)
Zero Joker (level 52)


High Art (Splode Book)
Comet Shower (Comet Book)
Brawly Ball (Brawly Book)


Even thought they are a very versatile character, the Protagonist's stats differ slightly, and in the same way as in Magical Vacation. The male protagonist has an edge in health/physical defense, and the female protagonist has an edge in MP/magic attacks.They can work well in either row, dealing heavy damage and taking multiple hits in the front or supporting the team and raining devastating multi-striking spells in the back. While both Light and Dark are pretty balanced in terms of rows, Light usually goes better in the back row. 

In Knight of the UniverseEdit

A character based off of the male protagonist of Magical Starsign is seen in the canceled manga series, Magical Vacation: Knight of the Universe, known as Mach Blanc. He is a friend to Sugar Ronsaunu, a character based off of Sorbet.

He is first seen riding a form of motorcycle along with Sugar, Arancia, and Cidre, but is soon bombarded by an incoming object, first thought to be an asteroid, but reveals itself as a sentiet being. The asteroid creature then proceeds to extract mechanical arms to attack the party.

Wild MagicEdit

The Light Wild Magic causes Gummy Worms to retreat into their holes while the Dark Wild Magic causes Gummy Frogs to flee from you (More accurately, go up in black smoke and disappear). Other than that, the protagonist's wild magic isn't used except for certain parts during the story.

Fan Art Edit

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