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Kirche Pintail

Species Human
Gender Male
Element Fire
Sign Sagittarius
Age 15
Birthday November 30
Blood Type O
Height 157cm
Weight 47kg

Kirche Pintail is a Fire Mage in Magical Vacation, and student at Will-O'-Wisp Academy.


Though Kirche is very persistant, he fails to exel at both athletics and academics. He is somewhat roudy and tends to forget about others. He is close friends with Sesame and Arancia, Arancia secretly being in love with him. He is oblivious to this however, and is too infatuated with Candy Mintblue to notice.



Name OriginEdit

Kirche is the German word for cherry.

In other gamesEdit

Kirche can be found as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though he is reffered to as "Kirsh".

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