Magic Dummy

Magic dummy
Bestiary # 179
Alignment Fire
Level 1
Habitat Magic Academy
Drops None
Bestiary Entry Magic dummies live only to be crushed, sliced, soaked, frozed, buried, incinerated, and nailed in the head with roundhouse kicks. Then they go back in the closet.
Bira Rewarded 0

Magic dummies are as they sound: training robots from the Magic Academy of Kovomaka. They have no known purpose in the game other than to train Hero and the other students, as they are never seen again.


The dummies are small, humanoid, yellow-orange figures. It is not known if they are animate, though it is more likely that they are robotic or enchanted. They are used in Madeleine's basic magic lessons.

In BattleEdit

In the first three of the four lessons, the dummies do not attack, probably because they have no opportunity to do so. But in the fourth lesson, they present their only known attack: Slug. They each have about 150 HP.


Spells Skills


  • Magic Dummys share a striking resemblance to Magic Dolls, robots that can be added to the players party in Magical Vacation.
  • In Magical Vacation, there is a single Magic Doll known as Calamary that helps the students train. It does not say in-game, but it is believed that the first Magic Dummy fought in Magical Starsign is indeed the same MD.