Magical Notebook is an item given to the protagonist by Miss Madeleine listing various information the player comes across.


Types of MagicEdit

"The kinds of magic are stone, blade, sound, fire, wind, beauty, poison, darkness, light, love, water, beast, and insect.

About HPEdit

"HP is hit points, and decrease as you are attacked. You will be defeated after they hit zero. You can regain HP by lodging and Gummy Frogs."

About MPEdit

"MP is Magic Points and will steadily decrease after use of spells. MP can regenerate and be replenished with Gummy Worms."

About PowerEdit

"Changes the amount of physical damage enemies recieve. Power can vary with equipped item.

About DefenceEdit

"Changes amount of damage physical attacks can do."

About SpeedEdit

"Speed makes you attack faster. Also can increase rates of preemptive strikes."

About SpiritEdit

"Spirit effects amount of damage taken from magic attacks. "

About MP RecoveryEdit

Physical AttacksEdit

Expirience and gaining LevelsEdit

Recruiting SeireiEdit

Summoning SeireiEdit

Multiplying Power with SeireiEdit

Attacking with same-attribute MagicEdit

About Gummy FrogsEdit

About Gummy WormsEdit

About TailsEdit

About LeavesEdit

Magic EquipmentEdit

Protective EquipmentEdit

Effect of SealsEdit

Leveling up faster with SealsEdit

Effect of Love SealsEdit

Order of ActionEdit



Increasing attribute ExpirienceEdit

Report CardEdit

Let's Hot SpringEdit

Let's BattleEdit

Amigo AreasEdit


Opposing AttributesEdit

Seirei and PowerEdit

Combo RulesEdit

Walking in the DesertEdit

Moving SparrowsEdit

Learning Love MagicEdit

Learning Dark MagicEdit

Learning Light MagicEdit

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