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The Magical Wiki is devoted to compiling information about the games Magical Starsign and Magical Vacation. Anyone with information to offer is welcome to edit! This database is in its infancy, so any new info will be greatly appreciated!

DO NOTE that pages in the Magical Wiki may contain various levels of SPOILERS.

Getting StartedEdit

Making and editing pages in the Magical Wiki is easier than you may think! If you can write a school essay or an e-mail, you have what it takes.

A few notes:

  • When making pages for enemies, please use the Template:EnemyInfobox. For an example, see the page Brie Pourri. Likewise, use the Template:MagicInfobox when making pages dedicated to spells and the Template:MVEnemynfobox when making pages for enemies in Magical Vacation.
  • For a page dedicated to a spell or attack, please list the enemies that use that attacks or spells in the order in which they appear in the bestiary.
  • If you would like to contribute screenshots, please try to obtain the clearest/ best possible image. See this helpful guide for details.

There is plenty you can do to contribute! See below for a very incomplete list of pages that need to be created, and stubs in need of improvement.

Community and Planning: The ForumEdit

Our forum's Watercooler acts as the group's social and working base of operations. Swing by to get aquainted with some of the other people working on the Magical Wiki. Here, you can find out what people are currently working on, and give us an idea of what you'd like to be working on as well, so that our efforts can be better coordinated and overlap less.

The forum is also the place where questions can be asked and resolved. If you every have a question, don't be afaid to ask. We'll do our best to help out

Using the forum helps us get to know one another, and helps us all better plan how to make the Magical Wiki bigger and better with every contribution.

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  • Magical Wiki has a new affiliate: Wiki of Mana!
  • Magical Wiki has a new affiliate: Baten Kaitos Wiki!
  • 12/2/2011 The ten year anniversery of Magical Vacation!

Pages in Need of CreationEdit

Note that this is not a complete list .

Stubs in Need of ImprovementEdit

Note that this is not a complete list.