Master Macadameus

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Macadameus in battle.
Bestiary # 255
Alignment Wind
Level 99
Habitat Quinoa Plain
Drops Warrior's Nose
Bestiary Entry This master of martial arts lives a hermit's life. He has fought every battle a hundred times in his head before the first blow even lands. Handle with care.
Bira Rewarded 0

Macadameus is one of the two superbosses in the game Magical Starsign. Although he is first encountered quite early in the game, it is impossible to beat him at such time.


Macadameus will not attack until he has been attacked. If a character uses a Bean Pop on him, he will award that character 5 experience. If a figurine is used on Macadameus, he will disappear and the player will fight the monster contained in the figurine. He is also the only boss that can be fled from, and the only enemy that one is guaranteed to escape from.


Macadameus is best dealt with maximum caution and maximum firepower. The first hit dealt to him will always deal the most damage, so a hard-hitting move like Dazzle Darts or Cactus Crush is suggested. Use Sparkling Shield or Prism Barrier whenever possible. The following moves are also ineffective, and will only deal 1 damage per hit:

His HP is estimated between 50,000 and 100,000.


Macadameus only knows four moves, surprisingly low for a superboss.

Spells Skills
Wind Talon Gust
Falcon Dive
Celestial Swap

Name OriginEdit

Macadameus refers to the Macadamia nut, or tree. It is belived that the leaf he is holding is indeed a macadamia leaf.


  • Macadameus is the only enemy from which one is guaranteed to escape.
  • Because Macadameus drops a key item, and because he can be battled multiple times, it is possible to obtain multiple copies of the Warrior's Nose. This is the only key item it is possible to obtain more than one copy of.