Millenium Gummies are legendary items found in Magical Starsign. Each Millenium Gummy contains the concentrated power of its element.


Each Millennium Gummy is shaped identically to the symbol of its alignment. The earth and wood millennium gummies are both stated to contain the souls of others, meaning that every Millenium Gummy may be concentrated around a soul.

Fire Millenium GummyEdit

The Fire Millennium Gummy is found in Capsicum Caverns, inside the skeleton of Scargot. Due to this, it is possible that the Fire Millennium Gummy contains the soul of Scargot.

Water Millenium GummyEdit

The Water Millennium Gummy is found on 2F of the Holy Water Pyramid. If it does contain a soul, who's exactly it would be is unknown.

Wood Millennium GummyEdit

The Wood Millennium Gummy is found on the highest level of Yggsalad. It contains the soul of Semolina, who died to create the gummy.

Earth Millennium GummyEdit

The Earth Millennium Gummy is located at the end of the Path of Five Organs inside the Stone Giant. It contains the soul of Tektos, the last of the Stone Giants.

Wind Millennium GummyEdit

The Wind Millennium Gummy is contained at the end of the Couscous Ruins. It may be the soul of the Odd Beetle, though it is more likely that the Odd Beetle had simply eaten the Wind Gummy.


  • The Millennium Gummies' names come from the fact that it took one thousand years to imbue each one with the power it holds.
  • Although it is stated that one could not survive eating a Millennium Gummy due to the fact that the sheer power would likely rip one apart, some things apparently can survive ingesting Millennium Gummies, such as the Odd Beetle and Shadra.

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