A Mojo, in battle.
Bestiary # 191
Alignment Water
Level 10
Habitat Carbonara Jungle
Drops Raggedy Leaf
Bestiary Entry The pirates keep this mojo as their own vicious pet. This unstoppable, hideous, slobbering fiend is, in fact, stoppable, as long as you attack it with magic.
Bira Rewarded 600 (first mojo)

500 (second mojo)

Mojo Map

A Mojo on the map.

Mojo are minibosses fought at multiple points in the game. Although their item drop is a Raggedy Leaf, only the first one that is defeated will drop it. Mojo are said to have a curse set on them that revives them every time they die.



Spells Skills
Hailstorm Swallow Whole

Name OriginEdit

Mojo may have many name origins, the most likely coming from mojo, a group of sauces that originate from Canaray Islands.