Official Art of Mugwort


Mugwort in battle.
Bestiary # 195
Alignment Wood
Level 15
Habitat Honey Mint
Drops None
Bestiary Entry Although he's a deputy police chief in Bena Rikashi, he got this one-day job because he didn't mind massaging the chief's shoulders. It's not a glamorous job.
Bira Rewarded 2500

Mugwort is a one-day stand-in chief for the Space Police.

In Magical StarsignEdit

He is first seen in the Space Police HQ bathroom, where you must give him toilet paper. He later fights you at Honey Mint White Caramel Fudgeflake with Melty Butter and Syrup and Whipped Cream on Top.


Mugwort is fought in Honey Mint after the player meets up with Chai. Mugwort always starts the battle using Celestial Swap, and is the first enemy in the game to use it. His Jungle Coaster attack makes use of the battle background. His Briar Patch hits the entire party as if he is in the back row.

Tip: After leaving Cassia with Mokka and Neumann,the Magical Rocket, Lassi means you could directly fly to Pufoon and rescue Miss Madeleine, but you should fly to Gren first, because there you are rescuing Pico, whose alignment is fire and therefore highly effective against Mugwort.


Spells Skills
Briar Patch Dancing Baby
Celestial Swap Jungle Coaster


He is rather crude and immature. It is hinted that he has a sizable ego aswell.


Mugwort is rather obese in appearence with a purple afro. He is often seen with a form of pipe and only has one tooth.

Name OriginEdit

Mugwort is an edible herb.