Items under this category exist mainly to be sold, though some have uses in sidequests.

Rusty ScrewEdit

  • Buy for:
  • Sell for: 15 Bira
  • Obtained: Dropped by: Poor Thing, Securitron, Securitron 2
  • Flavour Text: A rusty, old screw. You could sell it, but its probably not worth very much money.


  • Buy for: N/A
  • Sell for: 98 Bira
  • Obtained:
  • Flavour Text: No two ways about it. It's a treasure chest.

Gold DustEdit

  • Buy for: N/A
  • Sell for: 800 Bira
  • Obtained: Dropped by: Steamburper, Clodling, Dirtling, Dustling
  • Flavour Text: Flakes of pure gold. They'll fetch a decnt price if you decide to sell them.

Dragon EggEdit

  • Buy for: N/A
  • Sell for: 1500 Bira
  • Obtained: Dropped by Eggkeeper
  • Flavour Text: The lost egg of the dragons. It probably won't hatch if you sit on it, so don't even try.

Gold NuggetEdit

  • Buy for:
  • Sell for: 4000 Bira
  • Obtained: Dropped by Sand Carrier
  • Flavour Text: It's a chunk of gold. It'll fetch a decent price if you decide to sell it.

Piggy BankEdit

  • Buy for: N/A
  • Sell for: 25000 Bira
  • Obtained: Taken from Mugwort's office while rescuing Chai.
  • Flavour Text: This bank belongs to someone, but... Wait, it's been opened already!

Rainbow ShellEdit

  • Flavour Text: These shells are beautiful! Collect fifty, and hand them to an otter in Pescato.

Bang BerryEdit

  • Flavour Text: This berry makes the most beautiful fireworks. When you have enough, take them to the dwarves.

Putty PeaEdit

Main Article: Putty Pea

  • Buy for: N/A
  • Sell for: 0 Bira
  • Obtained: Various Chests
  • Use: Give to a Putty Pal at the bottom of Shishkebab Caverns.
  • Flavour Text: These goopy peas make putty. They'll grow up into gelatinous putty pals.

Comet BookEdit

  • Buy for: N/A
  • Sell for: 10 Bira
  • Obtained: Given at the Star Festival
  • Use: Teaches Comet Shower
  • Flavour Text: Learn comet shower, an HP-restoring spell that isn't affiliated with any sign.

Brawly BookEdit

  • Flavour Text: Learn brawly ball, a team-attack spell that isn't afiliated with any sign.

Splode BookEdit

  • Buy for: N/A
  • Sell for: 10 Bira
  • Obtained: Obtained from a dwarf in Macaroon after giving him 99 Bang Berries.
  • Use: Teaches High Art
  • Flavour Text: Learn high art, a festive firework spell that isn't afiliated with any sign.

Sky BookEdit

  • Flavour Text: Learn celestial swap, a planet-shifting spell that isn't afiliated with any sign.

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