A map of Pescato.

Pescato is the only town on the west half of Cassia, in addition to being a major settlement of the Otters.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Pescato is first visited shortly after arriving on Cassia.


On Ground Given
Rainbow Shell (x??) Pooka String
Long Johns
Old Sweater
Holey Socks

B&N MartEdit

Item Price
Green Frog 20 Bira
Decursy Tail 30 Bira
Wakey Tail 3500 Bira
Slippy Oil 120 Bira
Bandana 50 Bira
Straw Hat 100 Bira
Leather Wrist 20 Bira
Baobab Wrist 150 Bira
Vinyl Shirt 25 Bira
Tour Shirt 220 Bira
Wooden Clogs 60 Bira
Rubber Boots 180 Bira
Hair Clip 70 Bira

Name OriginEdit

Pescato is the Italian word for caught. It may also derive from "pescado", the Spanish word for fish.

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