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Pistachio Maplewood is a party member in Magical Vacation. He is a kind, but cowardly boy who is suffering gradewise and can't seem to keep up. His favorite food is doughnuts.

Pistachio Maplewood

Species Vox
Gender Male
Element Wood
Sign Aries
Age 12
Birthday April 15
Blood Type AB
Height 97cm
Weight 23kg

Personality Edit

Pistachio is very worrisome and seemes to have an inferiority complex. He constantly puts himself down and openly frets about his grades and the well-being of others. He is also known for his cowardly nature and his tendency to panic in the face of danger.

In Magical VacationEdit

Pistachio's family is very poor, so Pistachio can't afford things like books and proper attire, which is why he wears a spare set of pants on his head.

Before arriving at Will-O'-Wisp Academy, Pistachio was very gifted with magic. He has the ability to bend spoons with his mind, see through some objects, and even make pinecones appear out of nowhere.

Catching word of this, Principal Biscotti (Gran Dagree) sets out to find Pistachio.

After arriving at the Academy however, his magic ability seemed to diminish when doing studies. He also became victim to bullying. After hearing about his situation, his parents requested he return home.

After being warped away by the Enigma a Valencia Beach, Pistachio arrives at Mimoretto Forest in the Plain of Light and soon later is found by the protagonist. After finding one another, Pistachio flees because of an Enigma sneaking up to him. He soon after reunites with the protagonist when confronted by Demissusu, the first boss in the game.

After the game is completed, Pistachio's ending describes him as graduating from the Will-O'-Wisp Academy with a doctorates degree, and teaching magic abroad.

Professor Pistachio

In Magical StarsignEdit

Pistachio is never seen in-game, but is mentioned to be a Professor at the Will-O'-Wisp Academy by a student in his class. He is further alluded to when the student references his verbal tic "-ppi" (Japanese version only)

Base StatsEdit

HP: 40
MP: 40
Power 40
Defence 40
Spirit 40
Speed 100
MP Recovery 60


Field AbilityEdit

Pistachio can find Gummy Frogs in HP pots.

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