"An admirer of beauty. It takes great pride in its taste and cannot stand ugliness."
Powder, also known as Pretty, are the Beauty seirei. They are recruited by paying them a certain amount of Ganick Gold Coins. Due to their pride, one must only have a certain amount of Gummy Worms. Powder can be selected as the starter Hero/Heroine element for a skilled/hard difficulty. Cidre Rainbow also uses the beauty seirei. Its special power is paralyzing enemies.

Powder has a special condition: it won't join if you have a lot of gummy worms. Once it's with you, it won't let you catch more gummy worms than it allows for (listed below). When you catch 1 more than allowed, it will force you to throw away all gummy worms, or it will permanently leave. It doesn't care how many you've caught in total, only those you currently carry with you.

They appear as mirrors in-game.

Recruit Points Edit

Seirei No. Location Requirement
1 Small room in Remittsu Royal Palace Guide a Dodo in front of the love hunter
2 Drawing room in Remittsu Royal Palace Own less than 100 Gummy Worms and give 2 Ganick gold coins
3 Hitode flower field in East Forest Own less than 80 Gummy Worms and give 3 Ganick gold coins
4 Kisunika Mine 6 Own less than 60 Gummy Worms and give 8 Ganick gold coins
5 Corridor of Death 3 Own less than 40 Gummy Worms and give 10 Ganick gold coins
6 Aquabit Castle 2 Own less than 20 Gummy Worms and give 6 Ganick gold coins
7 Pyramid 10 Own no Gummy Worms at all and give 12 Ganick gold coins

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