Razen is the fire planet, which cannot be entered by normal spaceships because of its extreme heat. Rivers of lava flow on the planet's surface, and the central mountain houses many dwarves. A stone stage deep in the cave called World's Seam acts as a portal to Nova. Another cave, called Capsicum Caverns is home to a dragon called Scargot and the Fire Millennium Gummy. Two different species live here, potfolk and dwarves. Dragons used to live on the planet (as evidenced by skeletons in Capsicum Caverns), but went extinct due to unknown reasons (a dwarf believes Scargot killed them all, suggesting that at one point Scargot was an actual dragon.)

In Magical StarsignEdit

The protagonist arrives on Razen shortly after aquiring the Aquarino, a water that can not evaporate or solidify. After arrival, the player encounters two Enigmas, who continually retreat farther from the player as he approaches. The Enigmas are later revealed to be in affiliation with Sorbet, who is seen retreating with them.

The player then comes across the town of Paella, a town consisting exclusively of Potfolk.


Razen is the innermost planet to the Sun, and therefore has the fastest orbit. Those aligned with the Fire Element are most often to be in the aura state, but their time being auraed is the most limited as well. Razen also cost the most MP to move in Celestial Swap.





Name OriginEdit

Razen has multiple name origins. One is the fusion of the words "raze" meaning to burn and "brazen" meaning impudent. Razen also translates to "rage" in Dutch. It is also likely a play on the English word "raisin," sticking to Magical Starsign's theme of food-based names.