Rio Villa is a town on Erd. It is the home of the robots.


VM GarageEdit

Item Price
Green Frog 20 Bira
Blue Frog 250 Bira
Yellow Worm 200 Bira
Stoneoff Tail 30 Bira
Wakey Tail 3500 Bira
Slippy Oil 120 Bira
Punk Cap 4200 Bira
Comsat Dish 6200 Bira
Demon Brace 4500 Bira
Quartz Lens 5200 Bira
Plate Mail 4800 Bira
Mecha Boots 2800 Bira
Bird Charm 3000 Bira

Name OriginEdit

Rio Villa most likely comes from: rio, the Portugese/Spanish word for river and villa, a bungalow, or singular-floored house.

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