The Securitron getting a Shadow Die cast at it.
Bestiary # 182
Alignment Earth
Level 2
Habitat Gumbo Gaol
Drops Rusty Screw
Bestiary Entry Like all super-high tech gadgets, this bleeding-edge security robot is expensive, extremely fragile, and...already outdated.
Bira Rewarded 30
Securitron map

The Securitron, as seen on the map.

The Securitron is a mini-boss fought in the Gumbo Gaol.


The securitron can target player characters, and then shoot missles out of its head at them .


Spells Skills
Level 3 Lock-On
Zap Net


The Securitron is described in-game as "a gigantic robot prison guard. It's watching you intently with three surveillance cameras." It is bipedal, has two arms, each ending in a clamp-like, two-pronged claw, and has a large, flat head. There is an antenna on the robot's head, as well as two holes, from which missiles can be launched at the player characters. Once significantly damaged, the Securitron will begin to emit puffs of smoke and emit arcs of electricity, as it is presumably malfunctionning.

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