Semolina is a Felin from Tropica Village on Gren, and a servant to Durum.



Semolina is assigned to be Farina's guardian, and is treated a rather harshly by Durum. She is even commanded to switch places with Farina by Durum (as Farina is a magic-wielder, and the pirates demanded her to be handed over. Also, the two have similar features.)


The party later encounters Semolina again in Yggsalad, where she confronts Farina about kidnapping Felin's and Pirates to feed the Holy Sapling. The two sob into each other's arms and become friends again, but in order to create the Wood Millennium Gummy, Semolina sacrifices herself to the flower and ends her life. After a heavy and silent night and a visit from Durum, Sorbet comes to the conclusion that:

She just got tired. She didn't have any happiness in her life. And nothing was about to change that, was it? Living a life like that is just...awful. Isn't that the reason why she sacrificed herself to create the gummy? She was just...tired of life.

After DeathEdit

Her clip is given to the party by Durum as a memento. It is believed Semolina sacrificed herself because of her hard life, which Durum finally sees after her death.

And although Durum was harsh and inconsiderate towards her, he did care about her, if only a little bit, as seen in Yggsalad, when he desperately says:

Semolina?! Is this what you've become? This tiny thing? My Semolina...Answer me...Is it you? Semolina! ANSWER ME!