Official art of the robotic Sentry units.

Sentry MK 1

Sentry mk1
Four Sentry MK1 units
Bestiary # 181
Alignment Earth
Level 2
Habitat Kahve Ruins
Drops None
Bestiary Entry These robots approach you silently, with a coolness that only the mechanical can pull off. Watch out, though: it will surprise you with a lightning-fast rocket punch!
Bira Rewarded 5

Sentry MK 1 are a security robot encountered in the Kahve Ruins. When they speak outside of battle, each of the sentry robots is seen to have their own name/number designation (for example, "Robot F1276"), but this is not reflected in combat.



Spells Skills
Rocket Punch


Sentry robots, be they MK 1, MK 2, or MK 3 are all represented by the same graphics, and effectively making all models appear identical. Their form is basically humanoid. Distinguishing features included three digits on each hand, a single red light in the middle of their "face", and a large screw sticking out of the top of their head. They look very similar to the more powerful "Robot D12S", who is instead coloured reddish brown, and has a pointy head. There are also design similarities between these robots and the player characater Mokka.

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