Two Sniffles, with the one on the right attacking with Sneezing fit.
Bestiary # 002
HP 240
Alignment Fire
Level 8
Habitat Great Dragon Road / Tangerine Beach / Mandarin Beach / Dragon Beach
Drops Ice Cube
Bestiary Entry Its actual name is long and difficult to pronounce, so everyone just calls it "Sniffles" for short. Instead of fire, it sneezes a disgusting gob of green guck.
Bira Rewarded

Sniffles are enemies found on Cassia. They first appear as one of the Ice Chunk enemies in Great Dragon Road, where the can be thawed by the Hearty Dog. After Cassia has thawed, they appear as enemies on all of the beaches.


Sniffles are quadrupedal reptilians with light blue scales, a red nose, and what appear to be red vestigial wings.



Spells Skills
Sneezing Fit

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