Japanese Name Sugar
Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Water
Age 16

Sorbet(シュガー Shugaa) is a Water Attribute mage, and a student at Will-O'-Wisp Academy. She is a party member of the protagonist in Magical Starsign, and currently leads in her class gradewise.


Sorbet is calm, collected, and rather aloof. She thinks in a logical manner, but tends to see the more negative side of things. She often criticizes herself and others, and doesn't usually accept compliments. Later on in the course of the game she shows minor signs of depression, triggered by her lack of a means to pay for her tuition and intensified by reading The Book of the Darned. This is exemplified after the battle with the Holy Sapling on Gren , were she claimes to have nothing else to live for. Sorbet even says if Semolina hadn't sacrificed herself, she would have instead. Sorbet appears to be a bit oblivious of Pico's crush on her

In Magical StarsignEdit

Sorbet is first seen outside of Will-O'-Wisp Academy on Gren, were she escapes with the Pirate Otters. She is soon after seen at Razen with a group of Enigmas running about the Jalapeno Wastelands. She later appears to have created a false affiliation with Master Kale, in which she attempts to save Miss Madeline from his grasp by kidnapping Celadon. She joins the protagonist's party after being left behind by Kale.

Sorbet mentions that the Book of Darned stated something about the technology of extracting magic from the human body (actually, she never says the book's name, but we can guess that that's the book she's referring to).


Spells Skills
Hailstorm (Level 1) Slap
Fresh Drop
Absolute Zero
Sparkling Shield

Field AbilityEdit

One can use Sorbet's water magic outside of battle in order to wash Gummy Worms of their Worm holes.

Name OriginEdit

Sorbet comes from sorbet, a frozen dessert made of sweetened water flavoured with fruit or wine.


Sorbet is based off of the character from the canceled manga series, Magical Vacation: Knight of The Universe, Sugar Ronsanu.

Fan Art Edit

Tumblr n467mpzXpv1tsjerho1 500

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