"A perky spirit that descends from lightning. It always takes the path of least resistance."
Tesla, also known as Zappy, is the Lightning element seirei that can be recruited by paying them a certain number of Helion Gold Coins. They tend to repeat words multiple times. Tesla can be selected as the starter Hero/Heroine element for a beginner difficulty. Lemon Airsupply also uses the lightning seirei. Its special power is that it makes enemies numb.

They appear as light-bulbs in-game.

Recruit Points Edit

Seirei No. Location Requirement
1 Remittsu Royal Palace Guide a Dodo in front of the love hunter
2 Roche's Riverbank 3 Helion gold coins
3 A house in Masarati Village 5 Helion gold coins
4 A private house in Basorimo Village 7 Helion gold coins
5 A house in Moiroroto Village 9 Helion gold coins
6 Aquabit Castle 4 15 Helion gold coins
7 Pyramid 9 21 Helion gold coins

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