"A spirit born of fire. It is thought to be quite hot-headed, but in fact is quite calm."
Toast, also known as Toasty, are fire seirei that are recruited by paying them Mirori silver coins. Toast can be selected as the starter Hero/Heroine element for a beginner difficulty. Kirche Pintail also uses the fire seirei. Its special power raises offensive magic strength.

They appear as candles in-game.

Recruit Points Edit

Seirei No. Location Requirement
1 East in forest cave 2 Mirori silver coins
2 Kido Monga 5th floor 3 Mirori silver coins
3 Mine in Kumuyamuto Desert 4 Mirori silver coins (disappears when mine is cleared)
4 Private house in Basorimo Village 6 Mirori silver coins
5 Morubie Volcano 1 12 Mirori silver coins
6 Aquabit Castle 2 20 Mirori silver coins
7 Pyramid 10 40 Mirori silver coins

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