Totem Bomb

Totem Bomb
Totem Bomb in battle
Bestiary # 193
Alignment Wood
Level 13
Habitat Carbonara Jungle
Drops Totem Studs
Bestiary Entry Like all things annoying, this road-blocking bot comes courtesy of the astro pirates. Get near it, and the crazy thing will jump on top of you and blow itself up!
Bira Rewarded 150
Totem Bomb Map

Totem Bombs as seen on the map.

The Totem Bomb is an inanimate boss fought on Gren. It was apparently placed by the pirates near the salamander caves to, "keep the wizards out of Assam, SLURP."

Appearances Edit

The Totem Bombs stand in two stacks, ten bombs tall. They are first seen in the Carbonara Jungle after crossing the fifth bridge over Clam River, where a salamander is wondering how to get past them so that he can get to a date with is girlfriend. After asking you whether you are wizards, he explains his predicament and asks for your help. If you reply 'yes,' you walk up to the bombs and the battle begins.

In BattleEdit

The bombs essentially have one attack, Self Destruct, in which one bomb from each of the two stacks jumps off, falls on top of a member of your party, and explodes. The attack will do around 200 damage undefended.

Apparently, magical attacks deal no damage to the bombs. But when a physical attack is used, a bomb flies out of the stack and disappears. When all 20 bombs are gone, from being knocked off or exploding, you've beaten them. Two Totem Studs are dropped.


Spells Skills
Self Destruct