Traveling Puttys (konnyaku-sama) are living Konnyaku found on just about every planet and Plain. They are known for a distinctive speech pattern

In Magical Starsign, if all thirty putty peas are found, the Traveling putty on Razen is said to give a special reward.

Name OriginEdit

Traveling Putty's species name is Konnyaku, the name of a gelotin-based health food, made from Konnyaku Potatoes.

In other gamesEdit

In Super Smash Bros Brawl, Traveling Putty is a trophy that can be unlocked at random.

Trophy DescriptionEdit

"A living, walking, and talking... bit of putty! Faced with a crisis in Shishkebab Cavern, you can multiply the number of putties. Putties search for the treasure chests scattered across the universe, continuing their quest of collecting Putty Peas. Putties are also known for having a distinctive way of talking."

In A Kappa's Trail, a DSiWare game developed by Brownie Brown, Traveling Putty is a playable character along with cameos of Captain Rainbow, and a Pigmask from Mother 3, which was Co-developed by Brownie Brown along with Magical Starsign.


  • Traveling Putty made multiple appearances in Magical Vacation, but in his trophy information, it states he only appeared in Magical Starsign.
  • Traveling Putty are known to evaporate when deprived of water.

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