The standard vox character design.

Vox are anthropomorphic canines who populate various planes in Magical Vacation. They are said to be a conservative people who adhere to custom, are known for being stubborn, and do not like mingling with other races. Communities are centered around leaders who possess absolute authority.

Vox originally hail from the Plane of Wood, where an entire nation of vox exists. Groups of vox have emigrated from this land and settled in various other planes, including the Material Plane and the Plane of Darkness, the latter of which holds the vox village Masalatea Village.

Named vox appearing in the game include Will-o'-Wisp student Pistachio Maplewood, Mace, Cinnamon, and Ginger.


On average, vox appear to be shorter and lighter than humans, with 12-year-old Pistachio being shorter than 10-year-old human Sesame. Even fully-grown vox do not appear to be much taller than the teenage Will-o'-Wisp students.

While the vox as a whole have a generically canine physiognomy, many of their features look like those of domestic dogs, and there appears to be some racial variation within the population. Pistachio looks like a sort of griffin-hound, while Cinnamon clearly resembles a poodle. And although most vox are depicted as having long, pendant ears, Mace has erect, pointed ears instead. Aside from the generic NPC design being reused for most of the population, however, there is no indication of specific 'breeds' of vox existing.

If a certain scene with Pistachio is any indication, vox bristle at being called dogs. This is presumably because dogs also exist in Kovomaka; the vox are a sapient race so they may feel that being compared to dogs is denigrating.

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