Zero Joker

Alignment Dark
MP Consumed 100
Status Effect 5% Curse
Stat Effect
Back Row Random 6
Flavour Text Use the ultimate in dark magic to negate all.

Zero Joker is the level 5 dark-aligned spell. It consumes a large amount of MP.


Front RowEdit

A Grim Reaper appears after the a pillar of darkness covers the screen. It then lets out a howl as a scythe slashes the selected target.

Back RowEdit

While the animation is mostly the same, the Grim Reaper appears, it instead summons two scythes as it affects six random targets. Known by

# User Alignment
-- Hero/Heroine (level 52) Dark
-- Pooka (level 1) Dark


  • Zero Joker has the highest set MP consumption of any spell.

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